Infinitude Studios is currently developing a first-person experience that delivers a riveting storyline. Elizabeth has lost those closest to her and now faces an ultimate task of finding the one connection remaining. This is her journey to find him. Explore a vast world, uncover clues, find supplies and most importantly, survive.


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It all began with something they were calling a rare form of flu. The effect on humans was lethal. It had all of the common symptoms except the high mortality rate. Day by day, more and more people were dying. It became known as the T-TL (Total) virus because failure to contain it would result in complete destruction of the human race. People were told to stay in their homes. Food and water was rationed and delivered every three days. Three days quickly became four, four became five. Eventually it was a week, then two weeks. The lack of nutrition made everyone weaker and quicker to perish from the deadly virus. It seemed as though only the strongest would last, or those who were lucky.

Elizabeth and her family holed up in their home. Her father, David, handled the supply runs when necessary. Elizabeth stayed back with her mother, Janelle, and together they guarded the house against anyone or anything that tried to enter. They kept the lights out and drew the curtains, especially at night. Thanks to advice they often received from an old friend, Elizabeth’s parents were able to fight the disease long after the rest of their town had succumbed to the virus. Eventually, it got the best of them.

The effect on animals was, in a way, worse; worse for the surviving people. Most animals didn’t die. They…changed. Mutated. They turned rabid and blood-thirsty. They would seek people out by looking, listening and smelling. At night, they became even fiercer.

Before Janelle passed away she mumbled a few last words to Elizabeth. “Find him.” With dwindling supplies and an apparent resistance to the illness, Elizabeth set out to find Eli. She travelled miles, past towns, through forests and over mountains. During her journey she made new discoveries, both dangerous and wonderful.

This is Safe Haven.





Age: 22
Elizabeth is a young woman fresh out of college. She had not yet decided what she wanted to do with her life, when nature stepped in and forged her path. Elizabeth’s parents (David and Janelle) have now both perished from the strange and mysterious disease, but miraculously, her own health has been unaffected. Deep down, she knows she cannot survive on her own, but she is a guarded person, who does not always assume the best about others. She is equipped with a sharp intuition and a few basic survival skills, but she is largely venturing out in this new world blindly.


Age: 50
Eli grew up with David. They are step brothers. Eli shared an unbreakable bond with both David and Janelle, despite only passing into their lives from time to time. Elizabeth knows him mainly from photos, and stories her parents have told. Eli was a veterinarian, pre-apocalypse, and can be described as intelligent, yet odd, eccentric, and an overall difficult man. He is a free spirit who won’t be tied down by interpersonal obligations. He is known by Elizabeth’s family for his dramatic ramblings about everything from animal biology to Fine China.